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06-18-2012, 04:00 AM
Provide professional project engineering with required competences on Factory Automation System (FAS), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Electricity and Automation (E&A) for Building services, Processes and Industrial services

1.Project Management: Development of the MES user requirements and solution for the Decaf project. Support and Monitor capital Investments from the preparation to implementation in terms of technical soundness, costs and resources ensuring the alignment with standards, flawless implementation and start-up.
2.People Development: Develop the key MES-E&A core competencies by coaching MES-E&A engineers and facilitating professional exchange at factory level.
3. Full Compliance. Ensure the application of the factory MES-E&A related legislation (i.e. electrical, calibration, etc).

Required skills

-Degree/Diploma in Electrical or Automation or Instrumentation Engineering.
-Minimum 5-10 years experience in factory automation and/or MES preferably in a food manufacturing facility.
-Participation in engineering projects as part of a multidisciplinary team.
-Good at English
Functional/Professional/Technical Competencies (state specific knowledge, skill and experience critical for the job)
-Strong technical and managerial and leadership skills.
-Project Engineering/Management.
-Plant design & construction.
-Knowledge of food processing plant, technology and Hygienic engineering.
-Solid knowledge on automation systems especially at Rockwell Automation and Wonderware (Invensys)
-Able to create programs and codes in both systems: Rockwell and Wonderware Application Server.

Working place: Bien Hoa- Dong Nai

Salary: 1000- 2000 USD

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